Chloe, Dan & Livvy | Apter something…

Chloe, Dan & Livvy | Apter something...
3 years, 7 months ago 2

3 kids, 2 locations, 1 party. And what a great family the Apters are! I had such fun photographing Dan & Chloe in Camden, then Livvy in Carnaby Street, before their extravagant party later this month. They were so easy to shoot, and great fun to be with. Really happy with these shots because – I think – for Barmitzvah & Batmitzva photography – this is where it’s at! Can’t wait for their big night at Altitude! Here are some choice shots and their musical diary:

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  1. Judith Apter says:

    If you want to fall in love with your about-to-be teenage, often stroppy kids, get Paul to do a photo shoot with them….The result: delighted and grateful kids who are thrilled with what can be put on Facebook, and beautiful photos for a mother to be proud of what she produced!!

    Fantastic work, Paul and thank you…

  2. evelyn tarsh says:

    Wonderful work, but what gorgeous material you had to work with.
    I would say that- they are my grandchildren!
    The photographs are so good and different. I look forward to seeing lots more.

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