Une histoire d’amour

Une histoire d'amour
3 years, 6 months ago 4

So Hannah & Dougie could be referred to as a cool couple, sophisticated, fun and so easy to be with…but that would be telling only half the story. When I first met them at their house in Chiswick in January, I was immediately struck by how much they were a real couple. Not a couple who would be simplistically merged into one after the wedding – but two strong individuals who were very much in love, and were building their future together – and the wedding was the public display of this. And yes they were fun – lots of laughs at their dinner table, discussions about music, photos, families and an initial reluctance to have their photos taken before their wedding!

But at the engagement shoot their true personalities shone – they both loved it – as did I ! And their wedding day was a continuation of their journey together – a gorgeous sunny ceremony in Turnham Green (we won’t mention that my car was towed away during it!), splendid food & drink at the funky Moran, finished off with a true clubbing session back where we started. Marta and I had the best time and can only thank Hannah & Dougie for asking us to share such an awesome day with them, their friends and family – and the cupcakes!


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  1. Hannah Janikiewicz says:

    They are AMAZING! You have both summed up the day perfectly, for loads of the photos I didn’t even know you were there! They are exactly what I wanted, natural fun images. Love the video clip as well – nice surprise! Thank You x

  2. Lucianne Janikiewicz says:

    Fantastic photos- totally capture the day (and night!!)What a fab wedding- wish we could do it all again!!!

  3. Lucy Haywood says:

    Amazing photos I cant wait to see all of them, going to have to re do my make up this morning they have made me cry !!!!! Such an amazing day x

  4. Hannah & Dougie says:

    Dear Paul & team
    Thank you so much for being so amazing on the run up & on the day of our wedding.
    We knew we had found someone special the year before and were thrilled with all of the photos + how much you & Marta fitted in and were such an important part.
    With love
    Hannah & Dougie

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